Web design and CMS platform elevating this auction brand’s web presence to modern day standards.

No matter how efficiently a business is run, its reputation is affected by its website. To make a bid for the modern art of online effectiveness, Doyle held nothing in reserve.

The Problem: The Site was a Decade Old

The web changes daily, but Doyle’s website hadn’t had an update in a decade. That site had been custom built, was completely out of step with contemporary design, and had a weak backend database. So the site couldn’t present a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of items that the auction house had handled over the years.

The Challenge: Converting Legacy Data into a Standardized Format

The firm’s operations worked efficiently, so whatever was done couldn’t interfere with employees’ existing activities. But unlocking years of data constructed in a non-standard way would require exporting it as-is and then converting it into a standardized format. The tasks for the front end were to modernize it, make it easy for managers to update editorial content, and adapt it for mobile.

The Solution: Standardizing the Data for Drupal + Mobile Friendly UI Design

Beginning with a period of consultation to understand the client’s business, objectives, and competitive pressures, Endertech transformed the data structure for access by Drupal. The design team created an entirely new, mobile-friendly UI with an emphasis on imagery and sufficient white space to eliminate any hint of clutter. The site architecture lets visitors find what they’re looking for easily and pages load instantly, despite the dominance of images. In addition, managers can now easily modify and control site content.

The Results: All-Around Increase in Visitors

Site performance was measured before and after the new site was launched, and Doyle calculated that

  • Region-specific SEO increased site visibility in each office region around the country
  • The total number of online visits rose 20%
  • Bounce rates declined
  • Traffic to absentee bid pages almost doubled, rising 80%.