Magento 2 power meets rejuvenated design, in a customized e-commerce platform.

We crafted a custom design, built unique features, and configured an entirely new  Magento 2 e-commerce site for Milk Jar Cookies.

Elevate a Brand and Modernize the E-Commerce Framework

Built on an outdated Drupal 7 backend, Milk Jar Cookies needed more robust functionality when it came to their online orders. The site redesign needed to reflect the shabby chic branding they have carefully crafted over the years.

Develop Custom E-Commerce Features & Migrate to Magento 2

Perhaps the greatest challenge we faced in building this Magento 2 site was the need to develop a custom design and custom e-commerce logic on a young Magento 2 platform that had only recently been released out of beta. Milk Jar Cookies wanted to offer their customers the option of in-store pick up, same or next day courier delivery, or traditional UPS delivery. Plus, they had unique rules about how custom orders could be placed, and when they would be available for pickup or delivery.

Creative Minds Meet Perseverance and Diligence

As with any newly launched platform, Magento 2 did not have a huge library of documentation nor thousands of developers with blogs and troubleshooting tips like Magento 1.x had accumulated over the years. So, we rolled up our sleeves, dug into the code, and came up with our own creative solutions to achieve our client’s goals. Read more detail about how we solved the three main issues below:

  1. Custom Shipping Methods (Local Pickup, UPS Delivery, & Courier Delivery)
  2. Custom Product Bundles
  3. Automated E-Mail Responses (For each type of order)

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